Be part of a more inclusive society

Connecting locals and newcomers over homecooked dinners.


As people continue to migrate across the globe, there’s never been a greater need for community and connection. And nothing is more important to someone’s integration in a new country than an individual relationship.

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, United Invitations is a nonprofit organization that connects locals and newcomers within a community, by having them share homecooked meal.

In the last few years, we’ve already accomplished so much:

  • Cities reached: 50+

  • Countries reached: 8

  • Dinners hosted: 6,000+

  • Guests fed: 30,000+


“…has the potential to enlighten everyone involved.”

- The New York Times

“Imagine how easy it can be – how far we can get over a piece of food.”

- Dagens Nyheter

How it works

In each city we operate there are United Invitations Ambassadors. The Ambassadors find locals and newcomers interested in participating in the program.

A local is anyone who speaks the native language and feels “at home” in the country.

A newcomer is anyone who was born in another country and is looking to be more integrated into the community.

Each meal must include at least one local and one newcomer, but participants are allowed to invite family or friends to the dinner as well.

We ask either the locals or newcomers to host the meal. Once we find a match, the host prepares the food and invites the guest to a free meal and great conversation in their home.

All we ask is for participants to commit to one dinner. No strings attached.

Find us

We are currently located in:

Check the map to see if we’re in a city near you, reach out to the local ambassador for more information.

Want to bring United Invitations to your city? Please read the manual.

Any questions? Email us info@unitedinvitations.org

Ebba Åkerman ,  Founder

Ebba Åkerman, Founder

Our story

As a substitute teacher in Sweden, Ebba spent most of her time teaching immigrants to speak Swedish. She saw how difficult it was to learn a new language when you have no one to speak it with. And how important language is to feeling at home in a new country.

Her students invited her to share delicious meals in their homes. It was a great way to learn more about each other and the different cultures, they quickly felt closer to each other.

She was convinced that if others could meet as peers over a homecooked meal, we could make the world a happier, more inclusive place.

And thus began United Invitations!